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Soft White Scrub Brush for Upholstery, Glass and gentle scrubbing



Product Features:

  • 5 inch diameter
  • Soft White Nylon Bristle Drill Brush
    for gentle scrubbing
  • Similar bristles to a toothbrush
  • Fits any Electric Drill
  • Great for Carpet Spot Cleaning
    and Upholstery
  • Soft nylon bristles.
  • $6.95 same day shipping to
    United States locations
  • Guaranteed quality.

Power Scrub Brush reviews
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Power Scrub Brush with Soft Nylon Bristles

This Drill Powered Soft Nylon Drill Powered Rotary Brush fits any Cordless Drill. Super soft bristles similar to a toothbrush (do not use on teeth). Drill not included, brush only. Works great on Leather, Carpet, and Upholstery. Saves Time and Effort.

Fast same day priority shipping to United States locations only $6.95 for any size order. Just $6.95 shipping.